The URV in the territory

The “Camp de Tarragona”: an ideal environment for studying and living

The Universitat Rovira i Virgili is located in the province of Tarragona, close to Barcelona, in one of the most important tourist regions in Europe.

In the province of Tarragona you can really enjoy a high quality of life. It is safe and welcoming and a great place to explore at any time of day or night. It has a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and hot summers, which means you can enjoy its natural attractions and a rage of outdoor activities such as water sports, hiking and climbing all year around.

Known as the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast), it is home to long beaches with crystal-clear waters and a landscape of exceptional beauty . The city of Tarragona has a vibrant cultural heritatge and has been declared a World Heritatge site by UNESCO thanks to its breath-taking remains, and the nearby city of Reus was the birthplace and early home of the famous modernist architect Antoni Gaudí.

The URV has 12 centres located in different towns in the Camp de Tarragona area that provide an excellent setting in which to study and live.

  • You can travel easily and quickly by public transport to the different campuses.
  • The URV’s centres are all located in medium-sized cities where you can make most of your trips on foot or by bicycle.
  • Your accommodation and transport costs will be more affordable than in big cities.
  • The climate is pleasant all year round and is ideal for enjoying the nearby beaches.
  • You will discover a rich historical and cultural heritage.

You will enjoy increased professional opportunities due to your proximity to a lively and dynamic industrial and economic network.