Difference between a university master’s degree and specific master’s degree

At the second level, the URV primarily offers two types of degree:

Official university master's degrees

University master's degrees are official qualifications that are fully integrated into the European Higher Education Area and offer high-level specialized training that will enable you to increase your job opportunities. In addition, many are oriented towards acquiring research skills given that a university master's degree is a prerequisite for access to a doctoral programme.

To access a university master's degree, you must have a bachelor's degree or equivalent.

URV-specific postgraduate programmes and micro-credentials

URV-specific postgraduate programmes and micro-credentials are designed to respond to the specific needs of the socioeconomic sectors and will prepare you for professional practice in your speciality. They are officially recognised qualifications awarded by the URV in accordance with the current legislation on postgraduate studies and lifelong learning. They may or may not be recognised by some countries, institutions or companies. Above all, companies value the prestige of the programmes and the fact that they provide candidates for employment with the skills they are seeking.

The URV-specific programmes are open to people who do not have a university degree. In this case, on successfully completing the programme, they are awarded a certificate of achievement.